Caledonia Signs Natural Capital Declaration

20 February 2012 - Present

Caledonia Wealth Management, Ltd. is pleased to endorse the Natural Capital Declaration. For more information on this important project click here Natural Capital Declaration

New Office Location

January 2012

Caledonia Wealth Management, Ltd. has moved to a new North Boulder location at 1260 Yellow Pine Avenue, Boulder CO 80304.

2010 Investor Summit on Climate Change Risk - Update

May 2010

Click here to read the newly published report by co-host Ceres.

United Nations Headquarters, New York - Caledonia Wealth Management joins 450 Institutional Investors at Investor Summit on Climate Risk

January 2010

The 2010 Investor Summit on Climate Risk: Developing a Low-Carbon Economy, Leveraging Private Investment, is the first high-level forum for investors to meet and discuss the implications of the climate negotiations held in Copenhagen last December.  Investors representing $13 trillion call on U.S. and other countries to move quickly to adopt strong climate change policies.

Read the Investor Statement regarding Investing in a Low-Carbon Economy here...

Caledonia Wealth Management to Attend the 2010 Investor Summit on Climate Risk

October 2009

The Investor Summit on Climate Risk is a high-level forum for leading investors to consider the scale and urgency of climate change risks, as well as the economic opportunities of a global transition to a clean energy future. Caledonia is pleased to attend this prestigious gathering alongside other selected summit participants.

For more information about this groundbreaking event, please see the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR).

Investor Statement on Climate Change

September 2009

Caledonia Wealth Management, Ltd. becomes a signatory of the 2009 Investor Statement on the Urgent Need for a Global Agreement on Climate Change.

This statement represents a partnership with leading organizations in the investment community that include United Nations Environment Programme – Finance Initiative, Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change, Investor Network on Climate Risk and Investor Group on Climate Change.

In conjunction with other financial signatories representing trillions of dollars in global financial markets, this statement will be presented at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen in December 2009. The statement provides a framework to enable governments more effectively design a successor deal to the Kyoto Protocol while considering the effects on institutional and individual investors worldwide.

Caledonia Joins United Nations Environment Programme – Finance Initiative

July 2009

Caledonia Wealth Management, Ltd. was recently accepted as a member of UNEP FI, the prestigious global partnership between the United Nations Environment Program and the financial sector. Caledonia becomes only the 13th US partner in this unique organization.

UNEP FI works closely with over 170 global financial institutions to promote linkages between the environment, sustainability and financial performance to reach its mission of identifying, promoting and realizing the adoption of best environmental and sustainability practice, though all levels of financial institution operations.

Caledonia’s participation with the North American Task Force (NATF) aims to incorporate the principles of sustainable development as normal business practice throughout the North American financial sector.

To read more about the work of UNEP FI click here.

New Office Location

March 2009

Caledonia Wealth Management, Ltd. has moved its offices.

Our new offices can be found on the east end of the Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder, Colorado, located in the historic Citizens National Bank building. Visit our Contact Us page for directions.


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