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Our Philosophy

We believe the best investment opportunities come from institutions committed to a better future for their employees, the environment, their communities and stakeholders, now and into the future. The term for this approach is now becoming known as Sustainable Investing.

We also believe in a client-centric focus. For Caledonia's clients this means:

For Caledonia's clients this means:

  • A comprehensive approach. We believe a comprehensive approach is essential because investments are only one part of a bigger picture. Equally important are issues such as financial planning, risk management, and legacy and tax planning. Long-term security and peace of mind for you and your family comes from the design and maintenance of a complete plan that integrates all of these elements.

  • A consultative approach. This means that decisions are only taken after thoughtful discussion and careful deliberation. It also means planning and working towards goals in a collaborative manner.

  • Transparency and clarity. Whether it’s a financial plan or an investment portfolio, it is only truly useful if you can both understand it and measure progress.

  • A competitive fee structure and a commitment to minimizing external investment costs wherever possible.

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest wherever possible in the interest of providing the best, unbiased advice to our clients. This is a key reason Caledonia is fee-only.

  • Privacy is absolute. We recognize that many clients share a breadth of information that they often don’t even share with a trusted lawyer or other family advisors. We go to great lengths to safeguard personal and private information.

Caledonia Offers:

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Risk Management

  • Wealth Transfer Planning

  • Business Succession Services

  • Cross Border Planning

  • College Education Planning

  • Life Insurance & Annuity Planning

  • Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

  • 401(k) Plan Implementation & Management

  • Philanthropic and Community Investment Planning

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