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Wealth Management

Caledonia's wealth management process is built around three simple principles:


The ability to grow your wealth is more than just what happens inside your investment portfolio. Outside of your investment allocations there are a number of ways in which we can help you grow your current asset levels and enhance your wealth creation. Goal setting, risk management, tax and insurance planning, budgeting and cash flow management all have a direct impact on the ability to grow your wealth.


Growing your wealth over time is nothing if you cannot sustain it. This fact becomes more and more important as time passes and more wealth is created. Everyone is familiar with the economic challenges that may be faced during a lifetime of investing and the importance of having a plan that can sustain itself through difficult times is critical. Only a disciplined, consistent, time-tested approach can give you the highest probability for success.


Protection comes in many forms. This includes safeguarding your current assets from personal loss and liability, while ensuring you and your family has the necessary means to weather retirement, unexpected surprises and difficult economic times. Protection also extends to the ability to preserve your assets for generational wealth transfer or for philanthropic purposes both during and after your lifetime.

Caledonia Offers:

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Risk Management

  • Wealth Transfer Planning

  • Business Succession Services

  • Cross Border Planning

  • College Education Planning

  • Life Insurance & Annuity Planning

  • Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

  • 401(k) Plan Implementation & Management

  • Philanthropic and Community Investment Planning

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