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Grow. Sustain. Protect.™ These are the principles on which Caledonia Wealth Management, an emerging leader in the Sustainable Investment movement, is built. Founded by financial advisors Timothy Barnett and David McMillan, Caledonia Wealth Management was born out of a shared vision of putting clients and their values first, as well as out of recognition of the growing interest in investments guided by environmental, social, and governance issues.

Bringing 18 years combined wealth management experience, McMillan and Barnett share a passion for the emergent field of Sustainable Investing, fast becoming a mainstream phenomenon essential to competitiveness and financial performance. Not only does helping people invest with their values bring its own intrinsic reward; at Caledonia we believe this developing movement will transform how capital markets operate, how individual companies conduct themselves and how we and future generations will invest.

Providing a full range of wealth management services including retirement, tax and insurance planning, Caledonia offers traditional investing services, but specializes in providing clients with customized Sustainable Investments. As a full service, fee-only wealth management firm, Caledonia’s client-centric, personal approach is comprehensive and consultative, providing transparency, clarity, and commitment free from conflicts of interest often invading other practices.

Both McMillan and Barnett bring diverse perspectives and a global, big picture outlook to planning and investment, having worked and studied in the UK and the US and Caledonia was recently accepted as a member of UNEP FI, the prestigious global partnership between the United Nations Environment Program and the financial sector. Caledonia is only the 13th US partner in this unique organization.


The ability to grow your wealth is more than just what happens inside your investment portfolio.
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Growing your wealth over time is nothing if you cannot sustain it.
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Protection comes in many forms and at several levels.
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