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Our Sustainable Business Practices

  • All employees of Caledonia are encouraged to and do find alternative ways to primarily commute to work. -The most common method of transportation is by bicycle.

  • Caledonia operates with a zero waste goal:
    - All paper waste is recycled.
    - Office supplies are reused or recycled whenever possible.
    - All of Caledonia's office furniture has been reused or comes from recycled or renewable resources.

  • Caledonia carefully selects its suppliers:
    - Suppliers and service providers are selected based up best practices in sustainability. Particular
      attention is paid to paper suppliers and printers.

  • Electronic information:
    - Caledonia uses electronic storage of information versus paper storage wherever possible.
    - Caledonia uses electronic communication versus paper whenever possible.

  • All of Caledonia's computer hardware and office equipment is selected based upon efficiency and application suitability.

  • Caledonia encourages and prefers to work with individuals and firms who make a significant commitment to sustainable business practices themselves.


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